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Cold Weather Moving In

I’ll become a hermit.

Kim Smyth
2 min readFeb 22, 2022


Thomas Dils for Unsplash

Well, Mother Nature is at it again here in Texas. Cold weather is moving in today and tomorrow, and we are expecting a wintry mix of sleet and snow. 😢

As for me, I don’t do ice, and I’ll probably be nursing a recovering doggy after getting her teeth cleaned and possibly some removed, so I’ll be snuggled in on the couch. 😉

Whiskey is the pretty girl on the right. My own photo.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be lazy though. I will take advantage by writing something somewhere, either here on Medium, or my blog, or both! Whiskey, the dog that will be recovering, will be next to my leg most likely anyway, so I will use my laptop and see what all I can get accomplished.

I’m hoping she doesn’t have to spend the night at the vet since the first part of the bad weather starts tomorrow. I dropped her off this morning. They assured me that if she comes out of her stupor before six, we will be bringing her home tonight. Wish us luck! 🍀

This seemingly bit of uninteresting drivel is actually me practicing my new skill of adding emojis to my writing. I think I’ve got it! If you don’t know how and want to learn, just follow Liz Porter’s new publication: The Advantage. She is teaching us all kinds of handy tips!



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