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Kim Smyth
2 min readMar 17, 2022

How Long Do I Wait?

I Hit Submit…Then Silence

Sharon McCutcheon for Unsplash

How long after submitting a story to a publication do I wait for an answer before self-publishing? I mean, it’s been two weeks and not one word!

Then again, who knows if I’m even signed in properly. I seem to be having so many problems with my account lately, it appears I’m signed in because I see my profile icon with the halo around it signifying I’m a member, and that is usually a good indicator, but when I click on my drafts, it’s not saying it’s been submitted to the publication like normal…is that due to me working from my iPad?

It’s no wonder I haven’t made any real money on Medium. Half the time I think something has been submitted, it’s still sitting in my drafts folder. Or it isn’t getting enough reads, claps, or comments. How long must I wait for success on this platform? Sure, I don’t write multiple posts a week, but neither do many successful writers here. And even when I was submitting weekly, I still never made even $5 in one month.

How am I to make the promised big bucks for publishing on certain publications when I can’t even get an answer back to a draft I’ve submitted? I’m about ready to publish it myself or start my own publication. Can someone tell me the answer please?



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