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Kim Smyth
4 min readMar 17, 2022


How an Apple Watch Can Keep You Motivated

My Own Personal Experience

My own photo: All rings closed.

As you’ve probably guessed, I received an Apple Watch from my hubby for Christmas. Ok, maybe I even asked for it…or a reasonable facsimile, I didn’t care. I didn’t want him to spend too much on me, I just really wanted a way to track my steps without having to have my phone in my pocket. I’ve heard carrying one there for a long time could cause cancer, but then what doesn’t, right?!

I was so excited when I opened it and began right away to set it up. I have to admit, it was pretty easy. I used the Apple Watch app on my iPhone and followed the steps. Soon, I learned there was also a Fitness App that can be used in conjunction with the watch, but I didn’t use that very long. I did a few workouts, sure, but that really isn’t my cup of tea. In fact, I will probably end my subscription soon, so I don’t get charged the monthly fee.

What works for me was shared by a fellow blogger. (Boomer Eco Crusader) It’s found on Pinterest (one of my favorite places), and it’s called “10 Fabulous 30-Minute YouTube Fitness Videos” and my fave is the 80’s Walking Workout/3500 Steps in 30 minutes workout. There are some others I use, but this is my favorite because I like her smiling, friendly face, her easy-to-keep-up-with pace, and that she does not talk except before and after the workout. Also, the fact that, unlike my hubby, I can live with some 80’s music.

Now, I am nearing 61, and I recently lost my dad, so I haven’t exactly been motivated to work out, much less do much of anything lately -although sad to admit- I am out of shape. So, the fact that this workout should be a breeze for most yet wears me out is not a news flash. But because my Apple Watch is designed to motivate you to close all three of your rings every day, I really try to. It’s like doing my Spanish lessons on Duolingo, because they make it a challenging video game, I stick with it. I feel so accomplished if I can close all three of my rings every day. It’s like I feel compelled now to reach this daily goal.

When you get your watch, it has a blue ring for standing, a green ring for exercising, and a red ring for moving in general. A 30-minute workout is enough to close your green ring, but not the red one. I’ve only managed that one a couple of times. The secret sauce is still a mystery to me on that one. There are also apps, just like the iPhone, where you can download a certain workout. Everything from indoor walking to Pilates is on there, just pick your poison. Just press start when you’ve chosen your desired workout and it gives you a three-second countdown and you better be moving by then. It starts counting every move you make until you stop, and it asks you if your workout is done. Not only will it track your steps, but your heart rate, and calories burned.

If you prefer short bites of fitness, the Fitness App may be more your speed. Either way, there is no excuse if you really want to get that green ring closed every day. And, if you don’t care about your rings, it will still count your daily steps because of the built-in pedometer. Mine is connected to the Pacer app, because I like to be told how many steps I manage to take every day. The goal is 10,000, but I really have to work at that one.

My husband teases me every time he hears a cue from my watch and says, “You letting that watch tell you what to do?” Well, yeah, kinda. Because it works, that’s why. That’s why I wanted it after all, I needed the push to get me motivated.

The Apple Watch has a lot of other cool features too. Twice a day it will ask you to pause and reflect or relax for one minute…your choice. It will also track your sleep, wake you up with a charming alarm, and tell you when it’s time for bed. (If you set your sleep alarm first) Every hour, it reminds you to stand so you don’t become a total couch potato. I’m still exploring all the watch has to offer, but so far, at least my motivation is up, and my goals (however small) are set. All I want is to close my rings every day and getting that 30-minute exercise in helps me accomplish at least one of them. I don’t sit well, so I almost always close the blue ring (standing).

Stay active, close your rings, see you next time!

Once I figure out the secret sauce to the red ring, I’ll let you know! 😉



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